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Project success is totally based on their team efficiency. By working together as a team, a group of people with different talents can accomplish amazing projects. And your skill to get all members of a team pulling in the same direction is the key to your maximizing yourself in your life and in your career. To unleash the cooperative capabilities of a team of people toward the accomplishment of a multi-task job, the operative word should be harmony.
One of the most important things you can do is to struggle for harmony among the people working with you and for you. Project management team requires thought. Whenever you have a big job to do, your very first step is to sit down with a pad of paper and begin to think and note. All highly successful men and women think and note on paper. They write the thing down before they start. They make lists and sub-lists. They use calculators, notepad etc. And they analyze every detail of a big project before they start. They think it from side to side from beginning to end. And in so doing, they save huge amounts of time and money, and they seem to get more done in a few months than the average person gets done in years. Project management requires practice, as does anything else. It requires self-discipline.
It requires the willpower to hold you back from plunging into a job before thinking it through in advance. Many people are in a reactive-responsive mode. They react to whatever is happening around them, and they respond  to, however, they experience at the moment. They jump into things, and then they jump out. They rush to make  decisions and take actions without bothering to analyze the situation carefully. They make huge numbers of mistakes and are seen by others as useless and disorganized. When you decide to become outstanding at project management, you begin to apply a methodical process such as the one I will describe. Your ability to attain multi-task jobs is to control everything else you accomplish. And it’s not that hard to learn.
The next step in project management is to organize your list of all the things that will require being done for you get to your goal, the completion of your project. There are two ways to organize a list in project management- sequential and parallel and concurrent activities.

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